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Tear Down

                                                                A one-act play

Myra Barrette returns home to her community after an unexplained eight-month sabbatical only to discover her next-door neighbor’s historic Victorian home has been demolished with a modern “eyesore” going up in its place. She soon confronts her new neighbor Sam Telfer -- architect, contractor, and agent of change -- who’s as passionate about self-expression and evolution as Myra is to maintaining the status quo, having recently been battered by devastating changes in her personal life. It’s a battle of wills in which secrets are uncovered, motives come into focus, and an unlikely relationship develops and builds to a terrible conclusion.




SAM TELFER: Late 30’s. An architect from Connecticut. Charming, rustically handsome and professional. He looks comfortable swinging a hammer.

MYRA BARRETTE: Late 40’s. Like many attractive southern women, she dresses younger than she should and never leaves the house with a naked face.




The present. Autumn. A pretty suburban area of Virginia .



A construction site of a house. Can be produced on a single set.



Reading at Winterfest – EST/LA January 2015
starring Will McFadden and Jenny Ashe


The play runs 40 minutes.

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