Bells of West 87th

a comedy in two acts









The Greenway Arts Center, Los Angeles

99 seat Equity Waiver Production

Featuring: James Marsters (in photo), Cameron Meyer (in photo) 

Carol Locatell, Dagney Kerr, Robert Towers

September 5-October 27, 2013

The Road Theatre Company’s New Play Festival

Staged Reading/August 2012

Los Angeles

InterActivity New Play Festival

Readings April and May 2012

Los Angeles

InterAct Theatre

Monday night reading series/September 2011

Los Angeles


Eli Fein.. A feisty man of 79. 

Ida Fein.... Eli's 72 r-old estranged wife.  Molly and Maxine's  mother. 

Molly Fein.... Ida and Eli's 39 year-old single daughter. 

Maxine Fein-Stein... Molly's doted upon 35 year-old married sister. 

Chris Germaine... Molly's 45 year-old boyfriend.     

,In this "coming of middle age comedy," Upper West Side building manager Molly Fein is 39, single and suffocating.  She yearns to be free of the obligations of taking care of her parents -- eccentric mother Ida, who's been temporarily living with Molly for four and a half years, and hoarder father Eli, who tries to rekindle his youthful dreams of being a professional illusionist.  Going along with her mother's bizarre request years early, Molly affixed bells to each of the doors and windows in Eli's apartment, pitched in a register that he is unable to hear, ensuring that her parents never bump into one another in the hall.   Molly is desperate to break free from this choas.  At a Learning Annex poetry class she's been sneaking out to take, she meets Chris, a man she hopes will whisk her away to a sane world, but he wants to meet her family and she is sure that when he does, he will run to the nearest subway.  Over a meal, an old family secret is revealed, and Molly witnesses with growing horror that Chris fits a little too well into this web of “urban hillbillies.” She must be her own ticket out. 



“A magnificent cast in a hilarious new comedy… Hampton’s writing is fresh, smart, and … serves as a vessel for the powerhouse team of actors in this character-driven piece…. Angelenos will be kicking themselves if they miss this instant classic.” – Life In LA


“Quick, funny… Hampton's characters as played by a vibrant cast are far more eccentric than usual and grab us deliciously from the start.”


“Refreshing and entertaining… Do not miss this evening of great theatre!” – Fanboy Comics


A minefield of hilarity!... that [playwright Elin Hampton] is a superb joke-smith is attested to by the crescendo of snickers, chuckles, guffaws and belly laughs she entices from her audience.” – Working Author 


Hilarity and heartbreak are on the menu…  a fast paced play, zippily directed” – Actors Entertainment 


GO… cleverly written and acted expertly by a solid ensemble” – LA Weekly


“PITCH-PERFECT… the jokes never stop coming… rings in with humor and heart” – Daily Trojan



“A dysfunctional family that makes us LOL is to be treasured, and here it is… As to where those bells come in, you'll find out when you attend the show and you certainly should!”  –


“The Bells of West 87th guarantees an evening of laughter.”


A ringing good performance… On a scale of 1-10, I gave it a 10.” – LA Splash


“The writing by Hampton is sharp and clever… A completely enjoyable evening with terrific performances and snappy direction by Richard Pierce.” –Frontiers