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A ten-minute play




Following a devastating tornado, Wallis Higgs, an eager first time EMT, spots a survivor, a man  she knew in her youth. He sits amidst debris, in his neon painted rocking chair, unmotivated to find safety. In her attempt to rescue him, she learns more than she'd like to know. When he finally allows her to "save" him, it is she who is saved.


Wallis Higgs: Female, 20’s, a first time EMT

Crisco: 50+, a corn farmer
Both can be of any ethnicity


The Samuel French OOB Festival
New York, New York
Featuring Lacy Marie Meyer and Tony White
Directed by: Maggie Champagne
August 9 2017


The Studio @620

WMNF Radio Theatre Project

St. Petersberg, Florida

Featuring Robin P'Dell and Bob Heitman

Directed by Richard Rice

November, 2016


City Theatre 21st Annual Summer Shorts Festival (National Finalist)
Arsht Center’s Carnival Studio Theater
Miami, Florida

Featuring: Tom Wahl and Cherisse James (in photo)

Directed by Paul Tei
June 15 through July 3, 2016

The Hollywood Fringe Festival
As part of “Kinky Neon Rocker” produced by the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP)
The Lounge Theatre
Hollywood, California

Featuring: Ron Bottita and Sophie Ullett/2 performances

Ron Bottita and Meagan Rinn/3 performances

Directed by David Fury
5 performances in June, 2015


Ron Bottita as Crisco



Samuel French's 42nd  OOB Short Play Festival

New York, New York


National Finalist
City Theatre Short Playwrighting Competition
Miami, Florida  

FAB-UM "Strong Women"
10-minute Play Competition
Washington D.C

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