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Club Mom

                                                                       a musical in two-acts

                                                     *co-written with composer, Gerald Sternbach




Produced at the Musical Theatre Guild in Butler, Pennsylvania by Barb Osche and

Eric Snyder

Directed by: Patrick Erkman

Music Director: David Daugherty

Choreographed by Amanda Gilliand

Featuring: Kalie Davis-Anderson, Robin Kriley, Tammy Erkman, Paula Baptiste,

Chris Lilley, Mea Hunter and Eric Snyder

July 2016



Off B’way/ York Theatre Company

Produced by James Morgan and the York Theatre Company

Directed by Lynne Taylor Corbett

Musical Director and Pianist: Gerald Sternbach

Featuring: Alison Cimmet, Mary Gordon-Murray, Ali Mauzy, Elyse Wolf, Jared Bradshaw

Staged reading on December 20, 2011


Festival of New American Musicals/The M Bar in Los Angeles


Director: Lynne Taylor-Corbett

Musical Director and Pianist: Gerald Sternbach

Featuring: Michele Maika Berg, Jean Louisa Kelly, Mary Gordon-Murray, Talia Thiesfield,

Eddie Driscoll

June 8, 2009 and June 12, 2009

Two Readings at Ripley-Grier Studio

Produced by Dede Harris and Roy Gabay

Director: Lynne Taylor Corbett

Musical Director and Pianist: Doug Oberhamer

Featuring: Alison Cimmet, Natalie Hill, Tom Souhrada, Cheryl Stern, Elyse Wolf

April 17, 2008

MOMMY, MOMMY, THE MUSICAL MUSICAL (previous previous title)

Hudson Backstage Theatre, Hollywood

99 seat Equity Waiver Production

Director: Kay Cole, Musical Director: Brian Murphy

Producer: Sue Hamilton

Featuring: Michelle Azar, Brian Beacock, Heidi Godt, Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman, Terri Homberg

Olson (in photo)

Understudies: Julie Janney, Kelly M. Jenrette, Amy Reiss, Darrin Revitz, Michael Dotson

February 23, 2007-May 6, 2007

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